The results
GeoLean ensures in its offer, the Lean installation up to obtaining very important results, which materializes in your profit and loss accounts and in your balance sheet.
Our installation of Lean generates gains on the shop floor such as :
  • Decrease in flow time (Lead Time) between 30 and 60%
  • Reduction of stock levels between 30 and 60%
  • Productivity improvement between 30 and 50%
  • Production capacity increase between 30 and 60%
Measurable results warranty
Include Know how and “How to processes
Integrate a different” LEAN philosophy
Start your “LEAN transformation”
GeoLean does not sell a service for a certain number of days, but is committed to concrete results.
To ensure reliable and important gains, the aim is how to associate to each tools, a lean management and a lean philosophy.
Géolean knows hiw to install the know how end the how to throught each known tools.

Installation of these tools in your company is included throught several steps and has to be made in a specific order, fitting your environment, your heart of activity and your goals. Géolean lead and develop a real expertise that afford this installation to reach important and reliable objectives.