Géolean's expertise
GeoLean expertise, it is our Methodologies that allow the combined implementation of the philosophy, the Management and the tools Lean.
We have developed a real expertise in the knowledge and the installation of Lean in order to guarantee results and transfer a « Know How  » and a « How To ». Through its many missions, and thanks to the experience of its teams and its founders, GeoLean has conducted hundreds of projects and installed several tens of « complete Lean Systems » with key accounts such as Eurocopter, The Post, Daimler, Areva...
GeoLean expertise allows the implementation of a practical and complete way, systems of production or systems of Lean Management for the company.

GeoLean expertise, it is also the Innovation. For each work mission, we have the capacity to build an architecture of Lean transformation adapted to the specificities of our customers different occupations .
The innovation and expertise center.
Through a constant work of reflection, technology watch, collaboration and work with partners and actors of the Lean, study trips in Japan and in the USA, but also more than 30% of the Teams time devoted to training, the "centre of expertise and innovation" of GeoLean's has for mission to develop cutting edge Lean solutions adapted to the needs of your business.
LEAN transformation of the company
GéoLean has the knowledge and the unique ability to complete Lean transformation.
Because we have already done so within companies who had 3 to 150 sites, our knowledge relies on Géolean's expertise to architect the organization of a Lean system within all departments of the company, from the design up to the shipment.
Methodological expertise
Considering physical change steps and those in human organization as well.
Change inevitably involves mark's losses.In order to achieve significant results, GeoLean, through its unique approach, relies on methodologies for structuring and arranging with you a real architecture, with rules and principles that allow a better management of parameters of change.
Measurable results warranty
Include Know how and “How to processes
Integrate a different” LEAN philosophy
Start your “LEAN transformation”
Technical expertise
GeoLean’s technical expertise is its "know-how" of the tools management.
Too often reduced to a purely technical application, Lean Manufacturing is addressed by the establishment of tools such as :
  • 3S
  • 5S
  • Kanban
  • SMED
  • MIFA
  • Little train
  • Kaisen
  • Heijunka
  • Just in time
  • Yamasumi
  • etc.
The result of this approach does not typically generate the expected gains, or if they are achieved, they remain inevitably limited in time.
Thanks to the experience of its missions and Methodologies, GéoLean control and transmits the steps of a successful transformation.
Our methodological expertise is realized by our ability to know how to organize the transformation work according to :
  • the objectives ( reduction of lead-time, decline of stocks, increase of productivity, etc. )
  • the perimeter ( workshop production, logistic service, media services, etc. )
  • the context ( transformation of an existing, relocation, creation of a new workshop, etc. )