The LEAN, a business project
Created in 2004, Géolean is the first French company to install Lean, the reference organizational model in the industry.
Its creation is the result of a realization by its two founders: a lack of know-how in the implementation of Lean in businesses. The existing offer was limited to consulting and theoretical training. However, the implementation of a Lean organization with the teams in a company is the only method to achieve considerable results. Profiting from this expertise, the founders created the activity of Lean integrator.
Based on the concept of “Doing with”, Géolean’s “Field” approach, opposed to the consulting one, is an innovative offer to bring a concrete answer to businesses in terms of competitiveness.
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Distribution of Géolean's missions by sectors
Despite its origins, Lean is not only implemented in the automotive industry. Today, it’s a reference organizational model in the industry that extends to every activity. The distribution of Géolean’s missions reflects this evolution. Géolean therefore works with many industries including services.
Géolean has installed complete Lean systems for hundreds of big international businesses that owned between 3 and up to 150 plants.
Géolean is therefore present in 8 countries thanks to 7 subsidiaries recently created: Detroit in USA, Porto Alegre in Brazil, Warsaw in Poland, Prague in Czech Republic, Budapest in Hungary, Martin in Slovakia, and Casablanca in Morocco.