Change inevitably involves mark's losses. So, how can we organize work by taking into account the steps of the physical transformation, as well as those of the change in the human organization ?

In order to achieve significant results, GeoLean, through its unique approach, relies on methodologies for structuring and arranging with you a real architecture, with rules and principles that allow a better management of parameters of change.
Our methodological expertise is realized by our ability to know how to organize the transformation work according to :
  • - The objectives ( reduction of lead-time, decline of stocks, increase of productivity, etc. )
  • - The perimeter ( workshop production, logistic service, media services, etc. )
  • - The context ( transformation of an existing, relocation, creation of a new workshop, etc. )
Thanks to the experience of its missions and Methodologies, GéoLean control and transmits the steps of a successful transformation.