GeoLean’s objective, through its three independent activities, is to propose an approach and a complete service to install Lean.

Created in 2004 by Daniel Marco and Ludovic Ott, GeoLean has conducted hundreds of projects and put in place several tens of complete Lean systems in the world. These missions have been carried out with big accounts market leaders such as Areva, The Post, Eurocopter, Daimler, etc.

The company GeoLean, through the concept of "Business of Lean installer", offers a complete package which goes from strategy advise to the necessary equipment supply for the Lean installation, and is committed in achieving three fundamental goals:
  • Concrete and important results.
  • The sustainability of what is installed.
  • Placing the human at the centre of the approach.
It is our vocation, our know-how.

Véritable usine Lean de 1500 m² est un centre de formation au Lean.
Installateur en Lean manufacturing est implantée en France, en Allemagne et en Espagne.
Conçoit et fabrique l'ensemble du matériel nécessaire à l'installation du Lean.