« In the workshop, there is more listening so we feel better. The organization is also clearer and in the end we have exceeded the targets set.»
An operator

« With you, even if it is framed , it is the Lean in action, we stray from books! »
Workshop Leader

« Improving the work of men, it is the most fantastic lever to have significant results.»
Unit manager director
Fundamental Element to the success of the Lean Installation, GeoLean relies on proven methodologies to accompany the conduct of change.
They allow you to segment the objectives and to create very identifiable marks for all those who are living it.

These marks, which punctuate the entire trajectory of change, become the path to follow step by step. Without this pragmatic approach of accompaniment, the lack of visibility to reach the final result is a risk of major failure.

Through its methodologies, GeoLean and its teams have developed a real capacity of adaptability and integration to your company to ensure a successful installation of a Complete Lean System. The returns of experiences on the whole of our missions showed that Lean Installation, as we are making it, is recognized and accepted by all.