Advice as it is known and practiced, does not apply to Lean Manufacturing.
GeoLean cannot be positioned as a company of advice, but as a company of Lean installation.

« Install the Lean »
It's « to do with you » until we reach important results. It is transfering a « know-how » and a « how to ».

The « Know-how »
All of our experts within the GeoLean team have a perfect knowledge of the « Toyota Production System »and through the development
of the profession of installer, we have mastered all the Lean problematic in combining a philosophy, a management and techniques.

The « How To »
Transfer a « How To » is to assimilate by « Installing », reactions, reflexes, and Lean behaviours.

Installing is the real solution born from shop floor experience.
Without this sharing, it is impossible to transfer the« Lean behaviors ». The shop floor is the place of the added value, where the facts in the service of improvement are visible. Installing the Lean, it is to know how to be present and act on the shop floor. Only this combination of « Know How » and « How To » guarantees the results. Throughout our methodologies, it is by sharing the reality with everyone that GeoLean proposes a different approach, necessary to the actual establishment of the Lean.

« To be shop floor, is not advising, but doing »